Frequently Asked

What is the NEW E-Certificate?

The new E-Certificate replaces the 450 and 451 VAT exemption document. The E-Certificate is an electronic document which is issued after a positive real-time validation of one’s fiscal privilege and enables Diplomatic Missions and Consular Posts and their staff members to purchase products and services exempted of VAT.

Which services do we offer?

We offer a VAT FREE service and a VAT Reimbursement service from All Stores in Belgium. The VAT-Free service is the possibility to buy EXCLUSIVE VAT on the moment itself of purchase at our connected stores. The VAT Reimbursement service is buying INCL VAT on the moment of purchase and having the VAT amount reimbursement later on from All Stores in Belgium.

Diplomatic Card is the only provider who can offer you both services simultaneously! No other provider can offer you a VAT Free purchase on the moment you buy at the connected store.

How do I apply?

1. Sign up!
   a. Please send us the signed contract and your SEPA Mandate after you have registered your account.
   b. We offer a FREE service and a Paying Service. Please contact our Support Desk for more details.

2. Receive our VAT card for BOTH services
3. Start buying VAT FREE @connected stores or buy VAT INCL and send your invoices to or upload your invoices through our application
4. You will receive an activation link of our application the moment your registration is complete

How do I switch from provider when I want to enjoy the VAT Free Service?

1. Send an e-mail to your old provider with your new provider in cc to inform you want to terminate your contract
2. Sign up with your new provider
3. Send your new invoices to your new provider
4. !IMPORTANT! There is a transition period of 2 months before your new invoices will be positively validated by the VAT administration.

How does a proper invoice looks like?

Important notice

You can only sign up with one provider

– Minimum amount for Private Use = 125€ – EXCL VAT

– Minimum amount for Official Use = 125€ – EXCL VAT

Please do not hesitate to contact our Support Desk if you have more questions.

We are eager to help you.

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